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National Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference
April 1-4, 2007 Anaheim California

The 13th national Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference and Expo offers timely, one-stop shopping for information, resources and products available today to help shape transportation decisions for fleets. The conference has long supported nonpetroleum fuels including natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, propane, and electricity; and the alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) that can use those fuels. The conference has gone beyond strictly defined alternative fuels, embracing advanced technologies that result in fuel efficiency, petroleum displacement and emissions improvements. Included in the areas of interest are hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid technologies; blends, including hydrogen; fuel cells; and, idle-reduction devices.

The conference features more than 150 speakers and is expected to draw 1,500 registrants for 3 days of activities including: workshops, sessions, lectures, networking, a free public forum, and a trade show for industry professionals. The trade show features over 100 exhibitors displaying products and services available for purchase and use today. Attendees see cutting-edge vehicles and technologies from exhibitors who share the practical knowledge their businesses have gained through real-world applications. The Ride-n-Drive features the latest vehicles that run on alternative fuels and that are available for purchase today.



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