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Mission Statement

The San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition (Coalition) is a balanced partnership of public, private agencies, businesses and interested citizens dedicated to reducing the San Diego Region’s dependence on conventional-petroleum-based fuels in order to improve the region’s air quality.


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Goals and Objectives

The Coalition is dedicated to working towards its goals and objectives, which are to:

• Increase the use of alternative fuels including ethanol, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, biodiesel, electricity, methanol, and p-series fuels.

• Support the development and expansion of a fueling infrastructure necessary for regular use of alternative fuels.

• Promote other vehicle-related programs, such as fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, idling reduction, and that result in decreased petroleum consumption and reduced emissions.

• Serve its members by disseminating information, organizing workshops, conferences, researching grant opportunities and identifying partnership opportunities.

• Providing opportunities for collaboration among members and regional partners.



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