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Children learning about alternative fuels

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San Diego EcoCenter

Created in 1997, the San Diego Environmental Foundation educates the general public on actions they may take to reduce environmental degradation. Our outreach and education program is the San Diego EcoCenter for Alternative Fuel Education. We toured our first class in the late summer of 2004.

The EcoCenter is the recipient of several presitgious awards including the County Board of Education "A+ Partner of the Year Award" for best educational program; the Air Pollution Control District "Clean Air Award" for fostering environmental awareness; and the San Diego Science Alliance "Business of the Year Award" for advancing K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math literacy.


Kids for Clean Air


CARS CARS CARS - American Lung Association of California, San Diego and Imperial County - Lesson Plan & Teacher's Guide Grades 2-8 - PDF

Kids for Clean Air Lesson Plan and Teacher’s Guide Grades 2 - 8 - PDF

Kids for Clean Air TM 2005 Pre-Lesson Test Grades 2 - 5 - PDF

Kids for Clean AirTM Teacher Evaluation Form 2005 - PDF

"It takes the same energy to say why something can't be done as to figure out how to do it."

-Jaime Lerner, architect and urban planner in Curitiba, Brazil
"The cleanest city in the world"


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