The San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition is supported by and implements the goals of the Department of Energy�s (DOE) Clean Cities Program. Clean Cities is a federal program to encourage both energy efficiency in transportation, reduction of petroleum usage and conversion of vehicles to alternative fuels where economically practical. Members of the San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition support controlling fleet operating costs, improving air quality, and promoting innovative new technologies.



As a participant in the San Diego Regional Clean Fuels Coalition, _________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

(Organization name) will join other interested organizations in support of expanding the understanding, availability, and use new transportation energy efficiency, petroleum reduction, air quality improvement and/or of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) programs. As part of our involvement, we will (circle and fill in all that apply):





We understand that this Letter of Intent is not intended to and does not create any contractual rights or obligations with respect to the signatory or any other parties. We also understand that we will be asked to provide annual updates to the US Clean Cities database. This will provide a means to track the purchase and use of AFVs in our fleet, the corresponding refueling/recharging infrastructure, and projections for future purchases for ourselves and other Clean Cities partners across the United States.


I hereby apply for membership in the San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition. If accepted, I will abide by its Bylaws, support its Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives, and pay the established dues.


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